Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tough Alaska Chick

The weather in this part of Alaska is still wild and crazy only now they have issued flood warnings in some areas due to all the rain. So not only are people having to contend with the hurricane force winds, but some have to be evacuated from their homes due to flooding. Fortunately, other than an occasional power outage, the storm has had little impact at my house. 

In fact, I braved the breeze and rain to do a senior photo shoot yesterday and I have to say, my senior is definitely a tough Alaska chick. Knowing the weather was far from ideal, she still wanted to go ahead with the shoot and I'm glad we did.

You see, this was a very special photo shoot for me because I've known Miss B since she was born and I was honored when she asked me if I'd take her senior photos. 

Considering how wet it was and the fact that I couldn't keep my lens dry, we managed to get some good shots.

We will be meeting again on a better day for a second shoot to get some more creative poses in when we're not so rushed.

Beautiful easy going people sure make taking photos fun, and I can't wait to meet up with this lovely young lady again. Until the next time. . . .

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