Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Love Power

I really do love power. I'm not talking control power, although I do like that too, but electricity. After over 33 hours without power, it is finally back on. We had a crazy wind storm with hurricane force winds in many parts of the Anchorage area.  I wanted to share some photos submitted to the media from community members after a the wind storm.

Here is a chart the Anchorage Daily News posted on the preliminary wind speeds of the recent storm. 

The wind blew over a wooden flag pole downtown where this time capsule had been hidden. What a neat hidden treasure.

There were many reported trampolines and swing sets that were said to be damaged. Ours were fine, but then again the wind wasn't as strong where we are located.

Unfortunately Merrill Field was hit with some of the strongest winds so there was damage to some aircrafts.

Many people don't have garages or don't use them, so there were quite a few reports of damaged vehicles. 

Check out this uprooted tree. Anchorage is used to seeing winds, but not often do they do this much damage. I'm just thankful for the crews that worked tirelessly to restore power and clean up the debris. Many worked for over 24 hours cold, wet and tired. I hope that those with medical needs that require electricity weren't too negatively affected. I'm glad it's over and I sure hope we don't see one of those storms in the middle of winter. In case we do though, I will have extra gas for my back-up generator and a lot of wood for the wood stove stored.

To check out more photos of the damage caused by the crazy winds, check out the Anchorage Daily News or KTUU's reader submitted photo page.

Until the next time. . . 

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