Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Apron

I actually finished a project!  I say this with excitement because more often than not, I start a project, get bored, and move onto the next before I've completed my original project.

It is far from perfect and certainly not a pattern I love.  I don't know, it could be because I decided to wing it and not use a pattern. I'll be looking up some tutorials for my next apron attempt. Nice thing about the way I sewed this, is that it's reversible and completely finished on both sides. The other side doesn't have a Halloween theme so it could be used year round.  It's late, I didn't have a model so I'm sorry for the lame photos. 

My new machine and the fact that I've been completely glued to it, has put the sewing bug in my nine year old. She made a deal with me two years ago that if I ever got a new sewing machine, she would get my old one. Well she reminded me of our deal last night. I pulled out my trusty old machine and she got busy making this cute little hand bag for herself.  We started with something simple for her first project and I made sure to put my control freak self aside and just sat next to her giving her direction. I have a feeling my fabric stash is going to dwindle quickly with three sewers in this house. Guess I can't complain though, it does count as family time, right?

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