Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Few of My Hats

As absent as I've been from blogging and posting projects on Facebook, I've actually been getting some crafting done while I sit at the gym for nine hours a week as my girls do gymnastics, and when I can't sleep at night. I've been terrible about taking pictures of the things I make though, so when I received this picture of my daughter's wonderful team of middle school teachers, I was quite thrilled. I made each of them a hat for my daughter to gift to them for Christmas. 

L to R: Ynez Slaymaker, Kirsten Roos, Clare Shea, Cynde Anderson
Taylor picked out the colors for each teacher. She said Sra. Slaymaker liked blue, Ms. Roos liked green, Ms. Shay liked orange, and Ms. Anderson liked purple. 

As we were driving home from her competition yesterday, I said to her, "It seems like you're really interested in all your subjects this year because you keep talking about them, that's great, " and her enthusiastic response was, "I need someone to share all my knowledge with!" Thank you to this wonderful team of teachers for doing such a great job. You all have inspired my daughter more than you know, and I know you're doing a job well done when my daughter comes home all excited to tell me about what she's learned each day.

Until the next time. . . .

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