Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Art In Nature Form

My girls were out late playing while I enjoyed a little peace and quiet after a day of working in the garage. During my moment of R&R, I received an email from my oldest daughter and this is what I found.

I love it! I'm a proud Momma when my girls use their creativity to entertain themselves and express themselves artistically. 

Until the next time. . . .

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bonus Day

I'm so excited for summer to arrive, and boy has it been slow approaching since our record winter snowfalls. It's still a bit chilly out most days, but we did have some awesome weather last Thursday and Friday. 

What I'm most excited about summer, besides the warm weather, is that I'm hoping to brush up on my photography skills. I've got three built-in models, although most of the time they aren't cooperative. Today I got lucky and my oldest daughter let me do her hair in one of my favorite braids, the waterfall braid. She even agreed to let me take pictures of her afterwards, which wasn't planned, but a nice little bonus for this camera loving mom. I hope to have more bonus days this summer. 

Until the next time. . . .

Sunday, May 20, 2012

More Teacher Gifts

So school is out for the summer and we couldn't be more excited. As I previously mentioned, my daughter and I were working on some projects that she is going to be selling to raise money for her Spain trip, and these were among them. They turned out super cute. So cute that we ended up giving them as end-of-the-year teacher gifts, and the best part is that the girls did a lot of the work.

It's hard to tell, but they are actually glossy, sort of glass-like. 

They are made out of egg shells, can you believe it?

And we used alcohol ink to get the fun bright colors.

We used both craft wood and scrap wood.

The girls and are so in love with them, and their teachers really liked them too. They are just so pretty. I'm thinking a tutorial is in order, if I can get motivated enough to take pictures. So stay tuned!

Until the next time. . . .

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fun Projects Ahead

I've been busy with end of the year activities at the school so not a whole lot of anything exciting going on. Here are a couple things my daughter and I have been working on when do have a little time. Her goal is to raise $3,500 in a year for her middle school trip to Spain. She's already got many projects planned so we'll be busy this summer.

Beautiful and colorful paper beads. I think they look great as is, but I'm sure they'll be even prettier once they're made into something. No two beads are the same, similar maybe, but not identical.

Colorful pendants made out of eggshells that she'll be combining with her paper beads to make beautiful necklaces. I can't wait to see the designs she comes up with.

Stay tuned to see more of my daughter's projects. Until the next time. . . .

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

There was nothing special going on at this end for Cinco de Mayo yesterday.  Two of my girls were out at a Cinco de Mayo birthday party/sleep over. Those of us who stayed home enjoyed some S'mores around our first outdoor fire of the season. 

Perhaps next year, I'll get ambitious and do something for Cinco de Mayo. . . we'll see. In the mean time I thought I'd share links of recipes and ideas, other than the usual tacos and enchiladas, that might be fun for a future Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

First and foremost, whether you're talking about a Cinco de Mayo fiesta or any other party, this is must have recipe for most parties. That's right, Pico de Gallo is the perfect party food. It's quick, easy, tasty, and and can be made to your liking (I often add fresh lime juice or orange juice to mine). Here's a basic recipe that would go good with tortillas or any other Mexican dish. Yum!

These colorful pinata sugar cookies by She Knows Food & Recipes would be a fun and tasty treat for your guests.

Who doesn't like delicious queso dip, except maybe those who are lactose intolerant. This is a recipe from Pennies on a Platter that I'll definitely be trying in the future. 

I haven't tried these Margarita Shots by Mrs. Wifestine Palmer, but they would be dangerously fun for a future Cinco de Mayo fiesta, although I have to admit, I think I'm too old for shots.

Here's a different kind of margarita recipe from Scissors and Spatulas, obviously not a traditional recipe, but looks super yummy.

Here's a really easy margarita recipe posted by Katherine on allrecipes.com that looks quite delicious.

If you're looking for a less traditional way to serve your alcohol, then check out these Frozen Melon Margarita Pops by Martha Stewart. They can certainly be served without the spirit soak for those who don't consume alcohol.

A fiesta would be all the more complete with yummy churros on your menu. These are a great hit with both big kids adults and little kids. Here's a recipe by Mom's Mexican Recipes that might be worth a try. 

If you're the type to go the extra mile, don't forget to dress up your table with these adorable mini chili pepper pinata favors as shown by Party Pinching.

And if you're looking for some some quick invitations, check out Tom Kat Studio for these colorful and free printables. She has a variety of other fun party theme ideas so make sure you browse through her site.

You can't have a fiesta without a pinata. Curbly has some links to great mini pinata ideas.

Last, but not least, I leave you with one of my tried and favorite margarita recipes from our close family friend, Jon, otherwise known as Grandpa Jon. I'm not sure if this is his personal recipe, but he's who shared it with me.

Margarita on the Rocks

(I have tried this recipe with cheaper brands, but it definitely wasn't as good)

Tequila (I use Sauza or Patron)
Orange Liqueur (I use Patron Citron)
Brandy (I use Presidente Brandy)
Sweet and Sour Mix
Rose's Lime Juice
Margarita Salt

In a drink shaker filled with ice mix the following:
1.5 ounces of tequila
.5 ounces of orange liqueur
.5 ounces of brandy
4 ounces of Sweet and Sour Mix
Splash of Lime Juice

Rub the rim of your glass with a fresh lime wedge, dip the rim into your salt, pour your freshly mixed margarita into your glass filled will ice and garnish with the same lime wedge. Enjoy and please drink responsibly. 

Until the next time. . . .

Friday, May 4, 2012

Duct Tape Creations

Recently I was going through my friend, Paige's online photos of her son going to his spring formal. I didn't think anything of the pictures other than the kids looked great. Then after about the umpteenth photo, I realized that Coleton wasn't just wearing any old suit to the dance, he was in a duct tape suit!

I love the touch of color on their suits, and I think they look quite handsome in them. I wonder how easy it was to dance in them and how many rolls of tape they used?

I mean how cool is that?! I love it! Heck I just love duct tape and so do my girls. I don't have photographs of their projects, but here are some photos of some pretty neat Duct Tape creations.

Beautiful and fun gowns by Celeste and Nora. Amazing! I can't imagine the hours spent putting those dresses together.

I love this yummy dreamsicle purse shown here. Perfect summer colors.

Speaking of summer colors, how fun is this ensemble?! I want that umbrella! 

Check out these totally adorable accessories by Allison at House of Hepworths. Her blog is one of my favorites to follow. HOH is like following a real person and not just a corporate representative. I'm not saying the other bloggers aren't real, just that Allison's projects seem attainable and she provides great tutorials on products she too would use.

Just in time for your summer trips to the beach, lake or your favorite picnic spot, head on over to Family Fun to learn how to make this cute tote.

I Love this beautiful wreath by Maeling at A Lil' Bit O' This N'  That

Crafty Soccer Mom has a tutorial on how to make these cute Duct Tape beads. My girls have a nice supply of Duct Tape so I'll be showing this tutorial to them.

This Queen of Hearts Dress has to be one of my favorites in Duct Tape fashion. I want one! Obviously not for everyday use, but this would be a fun Halloween or costume party dress.

And my most favorite projects are these gorgeous bags (above and below) from Second Chances by Susan. Aren't they beautiful?!

Back in 1998, during college, I went to a Halloween party. I spray painted my hair silver, painted my face silver, put on silver lashes, and I had duct taped my clothes in the old silver traditional Duct Tape, probably the only color at the time. I thought I was so clever, but most people didn't get my costume. I was a left-over! I don't have any pictures of my duct tape costume, but wish I did.

I'm thinking I'm going to have to create something with Duct Tape soon. 

In the meantime, here is a simple and cute Duct Tape flower tutorial by How Joyful to try out.

Until the next time. . . . 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hair Play

I love doing hair. . . . other people's hair, that is. I can never really seem to do my own, nor do I have the interest in fussing with myself. 

Thanks to the release of The Hunger Games movie, my girls have been asking me to put their hair in all sorts of braids, but mostly the Katniss braid. I love it! I feel like I have my babies back!  Here are three variations of the Dutch braid, most commonly referred to as the Katniss braid, around here.  Excuse the poor quality of the photos, they were all taken with my iPhone.

This was my first attempt, not too shabby. My daughter was happy. I don't spend a lot of time on these braids so I don't go for perfection.

Another try, another daughter, another day. Now if I could only learn to deal with fly aways.

I was attempting to do a half crown braid today, but did it a little too high. If you're looking to do a Katniss braid, or a simple dutch braid and don't know how, check out YouTube, there are a ton of tutorials out there. I happened to know how to do a dutch braid so I didn't didn't need a tutorial, but my oldest daughter taught herself using video tutorials. 

Today one of my girls wanted something like the braid Katniss wore on the day of the reaping. My daughter's hair is much shorter though so I did what I could.

I was also recently privileged to do hair for my friend's daughter and her friend for their JROTC ball. I'm not a trained professional, so they aren't perfect, but I thought their hair turned out beautifully.  This was taken before the girls headed out to have their make-up done.

I just love how Kait looked. Her updo was very classy looking.

Daley wanted to incorporate a braid and a high updo with curls. The girls were both gorgeous and I was quite thrilled that I got to play with hair.

Until the next time. . . .

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