Friday, May 4, 2012

Duct Tape Creations

Recently I was going through my friend, Paige's online photos of her son going to his spring formal. I didn't think anything of the pictures other than the kids looked great. Then after about the umpteenth photo, I realized that Coleton wasn't just wearing any old suit to the dance, he was in a duct tape suit!

I love the touch of color on their suits, and I think they look quite handsome in them. I wonder how easy it was to dance in them and how many rolls of tape they used?

I mean how cool is that?! I love it! Heck I just love duct tape and so do my girls. I don't have photographs of their projects, but here are some photos of some pretty neat Duct Tape creations.

Beautiful and fun gowns by Celeste and Nora. Amazing! I can't imagine the hours spent putting those dresses together.

I love this yummy dreamsicle purse shown here. Perfect summer colors.

Speaking of summer colors, how fun is this ensemble?! I want that umbrella! 

Check out these totally adorable accessories by Allison at House of Hepworths. Her blog is one of my favorites to follow. HOH is like following a real person and not just a corporate representative. I'm not saying the other bloggers aren't real, just that Allison's projects seem attainable and she provides great tutorials on products she too would use.

Just in time for your summer trips to the beach, lake or your favorite picnic spot, head on over to Family Fun to learn how to make this cute tote.

I Love this beautiful wreath by Maeling at A Lil' Bit O' This N'  That

Crafty Soccer Mom has a tutorial on how to make these cute Duct Tape beads. My girls have a nice supply of Duct Tape so I'll be showing this tutorial to them.

This Queen of Hearts Dress has to be one of my favorites in Duct Tape fashion. I want one! Obviously not for everyday use, but this would be a fun Halloween or costume party dress.

And my most favorite projects are these gorgeous bags (above and below) from Second Chances by Susan. Aren't they beautiful?!

Back in 1998, during college, I went to a Halloween party. I spray painted my hair silver, painted my face silver, put on silver lashes, and I had duct taped my clothes in the old silver traditional Duct Tape, probably the only color at the time. I thought I was so clever, but most people didn't get my costume. I was a left-over! I don't have any pictures of my duct tape costume, but wish I did.

I'm thinking I'm going to have to create something with Duct Tape soon. 

In the meantime, here is a simple and cute Duct Tape flower tutorial by How Joyful to try out.

Until the next time. . . . 


  1. these are all awesome!!!!!!!
    My favorite is the queen of hearts dress!!!

  2. I'm completely inspired by all of them

    1. yeah.I totally loved the queen of hearts dress. AWESOME


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