Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hurricane Force Storms in Alaska

I thought I should actually post something of a little more substance than crafting tonight. Don't get me wrong crafting means the world to me, but tonight my mind is on my fellow Alaskans. Whether or not you are the praying type, please pray/send good thoughts for the people on Alaska's coastline. You see, as I sit here, there is a massive winter storm tearing through the waters along the western coast of Alaska. Hurricane force winds are expected, followed by a significant rise in water, massive floods, and severe beach erosion. 

This storm is forecasted to be worse than the 1974 storms due to the fact that the sea ice is significantly reduced compared to 1974, leaving far less of a protective barrier. Some people in certain areas have been evacuated for safety.
Growing up on Nelson Island, I am very familiar with the extreme forces of what would be a considered a "normal" storm/blizzard, and I can only hope that this storm fails to elevate to the beyond normal level forecasted. 

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