Saturday, April 30, 2011

Excused Absence

So my computer crashed some time ago and I haven't done anything to get it fixed yet, other than call around. In my efforts to organize, I've misplaced my back up disc and programs. . . . frustrating. So really my MIA status was excused; not that I have a lot of followers waiting on posts. I'm sick about all my photos, I just hope I can get them back. The last time this happened, I paid a few hundred dollars to recover 98% of my data! While I agonize over damaged goods, I am borrowing my daughter's MacBook Pro, which I'm not very familiar with. The one thing it doesn't have is Photoshop, one of my best friends!

Anyway, I've been working on a few projects here and there. As soon as I take photos, I'll share. Before I end this post, I just want to remind folks that Saturdays are the adoption clinic days so stop by Petco South  if you're in the Anchorage area and check out all the wonderful dogs and puppies looking for loving homes.

This beautiful Husky is named Finley. 

She is a rescue from the Montana Creek Kennel that was shut down recently.

She is absolutely striking and according to her foster home, gets along great with other dogs.

For more information on adoption or fostering, check out the Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue website at

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