Friday, February 11, 2011

My baby is growing up

Six years ago on February 10, 2005, I was blessed with the sweetest and most bugged eyed hairy bundle of joy. She was perfect! Fast forward to today and well, she's still perfect, but with a small six year old body and a huge personality. Unfortunately she didn't get to bring cupcakes to school on her birthday. Instead she had to spend her sixth birthday under quarantine because she has the chicken pox. I mean really?  Seriously, who gets the chicken pox these days after two vaccinations?!

She didn't seem to mind missing school. She put on the charm
and scored this bear just for getting the chicken pox.

This was my baby girl's last night of her 5th year. All goofy,
full of energy, and not the least bit ready for bed.

Instead of a birthday cake, she requested cake pops and
ice cream so she made her wish and blew out her candle.

After she devoured her ice cream, she moved onto her cake pops.

And went back to playing with the gifts she received. Can you tell she's into polar bears?  She seriously asked for a polar bear rug , a polar bear costume, and a real pet polar bear. She doesn't quite understand that she'd be be her pet's snack.

My oldest daughter, knowing I've had no time to shop or do much of anything else, drew her a picture. She said she was broke and wasn't sure if I had gotten Riley any presents. It warms my heart when my kids show thoughtfulness.

So as I sit here reflecting on the past few days, I can't help but smile and think of how happy I am to have such wonderful girls . . . . and that I finally successfully made cake pops!!! This time I made sure to read Bakerella's detailed instructions in her awesome book.

Not only are they pretty, but they taste yummy too!

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