Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stunning Young Lady

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing an absolutely stunning young lady who was up visiting from sunny Arizona. 

She did great considering she's used to 100+ degree weather and it was in the 50's last night. 

Here is a cropped version of the photo above. I couldn't choose which photos to share so I decided to share the original and cropped versions of a few. 

There are so many great photos of her, but I couldn't wait to share just a few. It was truly an honor to photograph this beauty. I'll post some more of the session in the near future. 

Until the next time. . . .


  1. They are so bueatiful. You did an amazing job!!!!!!

  2. These are so pretty. You captured the essence of Demi as well as her beauty.

  3. Thank you, her natural beauty and easy going personality made my job easy.

  4. Just now finally getting to see these beautiful pics of my niece! Amazing! You have such great talent and have really captured Demi's beauty! We are so blessed to have her.

  5. Thank you, I've enjoyed picking up the camera again and it makes my job so much easier when I have gorgeous people like Demi, in front of my lens.


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