Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I haven't learned many of the crafting skills of my culture, but I thought I'd incorporate Yup'ik, my language, in my own way, into my crafts.

I've been into making signs lately and I thought it would be perfect to make some in Yup'ik. This one translates into, "you can."  I've seen many inspiring quotes/sayings/affirmations lately and have heard many in Yup'ik as well, but when I mentioned my project to some family and friends, one of them said to me, "piyugngauten," as to encourage my efforts, and I knew right there and then that I would be using this for one of my signs. **Edit: unfortunately I got ahead of myself due to my excitement and misspelled piyugngauten on the sign, so I'll be redoing this sign with proper spelling.**

I shamefully admit that I haven't taught my children to speak Yup'ik, but there are several words and sayings they do know. One of them is, kenkamken, or I love you. I took this cheap frame that used to be gold, spray painted it white, and cut out my saying. I used the negative of my cutout as I wanted it to be patterned. Because I couldn't find the color I was looking for for my background, I took some spray paint and sprayed a light layer to get the color I wanted. This will sit in my daughter's room and although she doesn't know my native language, she'll always know what this says.

Until the next time. . . .

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