Friday, September 9, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

On our last trip to our cabin last weekend, I realized that summer is definitely over in AK.

Aside from the chilly air, it was quite apparent in the brush along the river.

The girls even had to wear their winter hats.

But the cold didn't stop them from going barefoot in the river and getting dirty on the beach.

Not sure how they did it really, cause the air was CHILLY and the river was COLD.

My younger girls were out in Bethel visiting their Grandma so Taylor got to invite her friend Reilly.

They had a great time.

And Carson, well she's practically family and is pretty much there when we're there so she came along with her dad, who is always a huge help to my husband.

It was a perfect balance of great personalities. So much so that they left me alone while I kicked back, relaxed, and read a couple books on my Kindle. It was perfect Memorial Day weekend.

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