Thursday, March 24, 2011

Delightful Teen

Okay so I wasn't entirely honest when I said nothing exciting had been going on on my end. One thing I failed to mention, which was exciting for me, was that I took senior photos for a teenager who I remember as a little boy. I was a bit nervous as I've only done a few senior portraits before and I really don't keep up on my photography skills or the latest trends. It all worked out though.

I have this preconceived thought that many teenagers are irritating and disrespectful these days. Why? Because I come across many, on a daily basis, who are self-centered, disrespectful and just plain rude. You know, the kind that roll their eyes when their parents introduce them to others, the kind that sigh heavily when asked to do something and the kind that act inconvenienced if anyone outside their little social network speaks to them and are just too cool respond. I hope I wasn't that way, but I'm sure I was to some degree.

I'm not saying all teens are like this. I've seen my share of really great ones and this boy was one of them. He was such a gentleman. He offered, without being asked, what he could do to help, he was so easy going and cooperative during the session, and very thankful when the session was over.

I can only hope my kids turn out half as great as this young man. He was raised by a very independent and hard working single mother who couldn't have done a more awesome job! Congrats D! May your path lead you to great destinies!

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